Bully Breed Resources

For the Tampa Bay Tri County Area.


Housing That Sees Your Pups As Individuals, Not Visuals.

National Database For Bully-Breed Friendly Housing.

Low Cost Veterinarian Care:






found a lost pup?

(Just remember when finding a pup Scars, injuries or a thin, dirty appearance do not mean that a dog's been abused/neglected or comes from a home who does not love them. They may have even been lost/stolen from a loving home some time and could belong to a someone who is lost without them. Never assume by the pets appearance/demeanor tells their whole story.)

  • Check Collar/Tags for contact information.

  • Have this pup scanned for a chip at a local vet/shelter or even some pet stores carry scanners! (Remember you cannot feel a chip and it migrates all over their bodies!)

  • Go online and post a notice on Craigslist, Facebook 'Lost and Found' pages, and your neighborhood message board.

  • Your county shelter is your best and legal resource for all stray pups. anyone an owner asks to find their pet will direct them to the county shelter.

  • If you cannot find the owner, surrender the pup to your local shelter, obtain their ID number so you can check in or if you find the owner online later you can direct them where to be reunited with their family member!

Remember volunteer-based rescue organizations are not legal municipal shelters and act as general public just like you. This means they generally, legally cannot take in stray pups (1. Owners wont be looking for them with individual rescue organizations. 2. Rescues put strays and their pets at risk long-term as stray pets cannot be vaccinated or receive medical care until they are legally owned by those individuals) So please, utilize your local shelters, as that’s where organizations such as us RECEIVE our pups to care for and love until they find you!