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”Virtual Foster Parent”

Just because you can’t have a dog in your home, doesn’t mean you can’t still help the dogs of Rugaz Rescue and support our team of in-home fosters parents!

Join our group of Virtual Foster Parents today — it just takes the click of a button and it’s rewarding beyond imagination.

Your monthly Virtual Foster Parent sponsorship changes the lives of each and every one of the dogs we help. From the adoptable dogs needing medical care before they find their forever home, to the ready-to-adopt dogs that are waiting in foster care before they move on to their happily ever after, to the dogs brought in as part of our “Project Golden Years” project that allows Hospice care dogs to spend their Golden Years in a warm, loving home.

We encourage you to become a Rugaz Virtual Foster Parent. Check out our Facebook and Instagram pages and share the story (and photos) of the dog YOU choose to virtually foster and encourage others to do the same. We couldn’t do this without YOU!


a little donation goes a big way!


Meet the pups of “Project Golden Years” who need Virtual Fosters:


meet “Claudette Morel”

Meet Claudette Moral – she came into the RRInc.: Project “Golden Years” on death’s door, but through everything she’s become stronger than ever. She might have a sideways gait. Her tongue may always be on display. And, she may be prone to accidents, but this gal is the definition of love – caring, sweet, and snuggly, and wants nothing more than to be her foster person’s purpose. And to sing a sweet song while she does so.

PRIMARY DIAGNOSIS: KCS (dry eye), Ileus (loss of motility in the intestines/colon, Degenerative Myelopathy)



meet “samhain”

Meet Sam – he came into the RRInc.: Project “Golden Years” starved and unable to walk. There was concern that he might be paralyzed but the folks at Rugaz thought otherwise after some toe movement was noticed. It turns out, with the proper meds, he can get around a-ok. Sam knows what he likes and he likes it that way. That spot on the foster mom’s bed? Yah, that’s his, don’t touch it. Time to wake up? Sam’s the “I’m going to kiss you til you wake up” alarm clock. He’s the apple of his foster mom’s eye and he’d never want it any other way.

PRIMARY DIAGNOSIS: Chronic pancreatitis, severe muscle atrophy in his hind legs with luxating patellas, spinal injury that causes intermittent paralysis.



Meet “Holmes”

Meet Holmes,

PRIMARY DIAGNOSIS: Previously broken and healed Jaw bone due to severe dental disease. Mast Cell Cancer and Advanced Hip Dysplasia.